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A San Francisco native turned Honolulu local, I have been helping others find easy design solutions to their complex design problems, whether it is designing a business card, a website or creating a strong SEO strategy so their website can be found in a noisy online world.

How Does Your Website and SEO Stack Up?

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Not at the top of the list or even the top 10 in a Google, Yahoo or Bing search? Unless they know your website's name, visitors will be searching for your type of service by key words and phrases.  Such as "best nail spa in Waikiki" or "best poke in Honolulu". Those that populate the first page tend to have a better chance at having this traffic driven to their site, which may result in converting them into repeat visitors. This also means fewer people going to your site; which could affect revenue. This is called a low SEO score or in some cases no SEO. We can definitely help you with this common SEO problem!

This custom report packs a PUNCH!

We provide a comprehensive review of over 50 key factors that influence the effectiveness of your current website and Internet presence. Giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. 


In this 16-page review you will gain insight into: 

  • Social sharability
  • Usability
  • Mobile friendliness
  • SEO and backlinks
  • Website visitors
  • Security
  • Page performance and speed
  • …and more

The first step to a more effective Internet presence is optimizing your website. Contact me to request your FREE website and SEO audit today!


Contact me to see how Bright Cricket can be your all-in-one website service!